Degrad in "Poslovni dnevnik"

Degrad in "Poslovni dnevnik"


The company from Krk found a successful business model uniting activity of construction and brokerage.


On Wednesday, December 12th, 2014, in the magazine Poslovni Dnevnik an article was published on the status of real estate market on the island of Krk. The article also talks about interest in tourist real estate, construction and sale of luxury real estate, the most attractive locations and business system that makes the real estate agency Euro Immobilien and the company Degrad d.o.o. 



“The real estate market has experienced its greatest growth In the times before the economic crisis. Joining the EU has greatly improved the growth of the real estate market as it is today, and it is stable. The economic crisis is still present in the countries around us and it also affects the customers with high purchasing power, but they are still investing in luxury real estate. In the economic crisis, the market has lost an average customer, and now we have a situation that there is a great interest in undervalued real estate, i.e., the real estate of cheaper price range, the ones which the  customers with low purchasing power can afford. On the other hand, the market of luxury real estate has experienced the largest growth and investments in such real estate has proven to be the best option because the customers with high purchasing power practically did not experience the economic crisis and they continue spending money on expensive real estate in excellent locations.“



“The company with Degrad is involved in construction of high quality real estate on the area of the island of Krk, development activities and management of investment projects in civil engineering, for both residential, commercial and tourist purposes.    We are in constant search for building plots on the area of the island of Krk, Rijeka and Opatija for development of innovative and modern projects.  Our wish is to become the leading company and role model in construction, operation and development of top quality projects in the region.” 

The entire article can be read at this link:
Poslovni dnevnik – Degrad