Villa Bianca

Villa Bianca


Exclusive design apartments in Malinska on the island of Krk, signed by Idis Turato.


On the western side of the bay Malinska, between the village Zidarići and fishermen villages Porat and Vantačić, lies Rova, a green oasis with beautiful beaches and promenade all the way to the Malinska downtown.

Villa Bianca is a modern and elegant building of simple lines, which gives — with its beauty and domination — a special significance to its very location. The avant-garde architecture is the work of the renowned local architect Idis Turato, whose approach expresses a new culture of living. The architect and the investor shared the same opinion in defining the project task — to create a different space, intended for people with an avant-garde view of life, the people who wish to move away from the ordinary and everyday life. By highlighting the minimalism and clean lines without unnecessary burdens of exterior and interior, the highest level of exclusivity and extravagance was maintained.

The Villa is divided into three clear cubes, two of which represent the pillars, while the third cube — of horizontal form — lies on them. The entire shape of the building reminds of the ancient Greek temples, a combination of columns and beams that refers to the timeless principles of construction.

The whole consists of four apartments, different by their dimensions and characteristics, as well as their future owners, designed with the goal to provide the villa a unique atmosphere — variety of people, their interests and perspectives of life. In terms of technique and infrastructure, the villa offers all the comforts of modern living with top quality elements, materials, equipment and superb appliances.

The value of living in Villa Bianca is not counted in square meters, but in the special feeling the villa provides.




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