Villas Brzac

Villas Brzac


Elena and Aria — modern luxury villas in a Mediterranean oasis.


The project Villas Brzac comprises the construction of two modern detached houses in a beautiful and peaceful location by the very edge of the green zone, in the small village Brzac on the island of Krk.

The villas Elena and Aria are an excellent example of contemporary architecture that blends perfectly with the Mediterranean surroundings. In terms of structural design, dominating lines are modern and simple. On the other hand, a constant visual contact with nature is provided thanks to the large glass panels that separate the interior from the environment. Special attention was paid to the layout of premises in order to achieve a panoramic view of the sea and the island of Cres from almost every corner.

Attractive location, beautiful nature, top quality construction and luxurious furnishing make the villas Elena and Aria the perfect place for relaxing and enjoyment in the Mediterranean oasis.